Avukatnic Internet Solutions for Lawyers , Turkey Bar Association is ‘ the balatt [av.t is] serving the needs from a single source for all lawyers in the framework of karl AmAyA Project is treated to kurulmut.
Domain names already registered attorneys that allow them to easily salami product without bureaucratic operations avukatnic.net , including turnkey solutions offers a variety of operations in the period after registration.

As a result of the work of the Turkish Bar Association, for the first time in Turkey , internet addresses have been distributed specifically for a profession group. Expansions Lawyer – Turkey having [av.t will] get the extension your internet address, the address of the website under open and it’s too easy to use e-mail account. It’s enough to get in touch with us to take advantage of the advantage your attorney profession gives you …

Bringing Your Internet Address as an Attorney For Your Boss
There are many reasons. 5 Causes to You at Work

1 – Attorneyship You will present your career, your work and all the content you desire, which you can introduce yourself, in the languages ​​you want on your website.
2 – By registering your website with search engines found both at home and abroad, you will be an accessible lawyer on internet-based searches.
3 – You can use a professional mail account (POP3) under your domain name.
4 – You will contribute your professional prestige in your business cards and letterhead using these addresses.
5 – Av.


On November 21, 2003, new regulations were made in the Advertising ban directive and it was published in the Official Gazette. Yönetmeliđ internet paragraph in which is used for the lawyers “Only [av.t] may result in the extension website, signage, in pressed the papers, and only on the website [av.t is] the extension or Turkey Bar in gave the Birliđ of or tied bulunduđ the bar can use the e-mail address” phrase with The other options have been restrained.
Click to read lawyers’ new regulations that allow you to open websites and use Virtual Office .